The Broker

The Broker is a professional  whose  mission is the care of his Client's interests in his relationship with Insurers and/or their Agents in order to find for him tailor made and efficient insurance covers  at a reasonable cost and  most affordable conditions. Differently from an Insurer, a Broker has no affiliations with any Insurance Company and his work is free of charge for his Client; his activity is charged to Insurance Companies directly.

Everyone (Individuals, Professional, Companies, Public Entities, etc.) can refer to a Broker when he needs to sign insurance policies.

Having a Broker means that you have at your disposal a Consultant  who helps you to manage with your risks and to research on the market  tailor made insurance products.

The Broker, in fact, is an interface between  Customers and  Insurance Companies with technical skills and bargaining power that allow him to obtain the best proposals and covers most suitable for Client's specific needs.